Recovery and Follow Up

Depending upon the surgical procedure performed, you may stay just one night, while others may need to stay in the hospital for several days. As all the bariatric procedures are often done laparoscopically, the recovery time as compared to open procedure is shorter on average. The procedure along with the recovery and other medical conditions determines your time of discharge.

After your discharge, you will be asked to be mindful of certain things:

Driving: should be avoided as long as you are taking pain medication. Typically patients take pain medication for about a week.

Moving: It is important to do some movement regularly after the surgery. This helps in faster recovery. Walking can be a great choice for exercise.

Vitamins: It is very important to keep up with your vitamins as you are on a restrictive diet and eating less after the procedure.

Follow up: Follow up throughout your weight loss journey is very critical. The follow-up visits can help you stay on track, address any challenges you’re facing, and we can celebrate your success with you.