Dietary Tips

Post-Bariatric Surgery Plan includes:

Stage 1: The patient is required to follow the stage 1 diet for the first 4 to 6 weeks. Foods that are soft, mushy, and/or are of pureed consistencies are included in this type of diet plan. Baby foods, fruitless yogurt, cottage cheese, and hummus can be a part of the pureed food category. Soft and mushy foods comprised of chopped up ground meats such as, chicken, soft, white, flaky fish, scrambled eggs, and egg whites, etc. Solid foods of all kinds should be avoided until weeks 4-6 or when the surgeon allows it based on your recovery status.

Hydration: It is very important to stay hydrated using non-carbonated, decaffeinated, sugar-free beverages.

Protein: Protein is one of the most important nutritional components in weight loss. It is required to consume good quality proteins right after your bariatric surgery.

Sugar and Fat: As foods that are high in sugar or high in fat are limited. Very specific guidelines are provided to help you make clear-cut choices about which foods are healthy to eat.

Fresh Food: Fruits and vegetables –although are considered healthy from a traditional point of view are usually reintroduced a little later with other high-fiber foods. We also take into account what is best for your body in terms of healing after the particular weight loss surgery you’ve had.

Enjoyment: Having undergone surgical procedures doesn’t mean that patients can not enjoy eating! We want to help you have a positive journey towards weight loss, better health, and new food choices.