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USA Most Affordable Obesity Surgery Center, Weight Loss Bariatric Surgery Jacksonville Florida.

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery with us, you can do this
Did you know that with gastric sleeve surgery you can lose up to 85% of your excess weight during the first year and also cure your Diabetes in just 48 hrs? This surgery can change your life completely giving full control over your weight and health!

For appointment 904 399 4004 or email us at [email protected]

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Alexis Craig
Alexis Craig
After having my son in Oct 2019 I was 425lbs. My first appointment with Dr. Sharma was December 2019, I was 411lbs. I had a gastric sleeve surgery and a hernia repair May 12th 2020 weighing in at 364lbs. I have now lost 145lbs from my highest weight. I'm currently 7 months post op and 280lbs. Dr. Sharma gave me the push I needed to keep moving forward. He told me that if I can't manage to help myself and do what was required of me he wouldn't be able to help me. That pushed me to try harder. My goal weight is 180lbs, exactly 100 more to go now. I am thankful for the tool he gave me. I am also thankful for all of the knowledge on nutrition that was provided to me.
Armando Gonzalez
Armando Gonzalez
Had a procedure done by Dr. Sharma. The experience was amazing from start to finish. Their customer service is superb and their staff is excellent. Dr. Sharma makes you feel like family. Highly Recommended!
teresa godwin
teresa godwin
Dr. Sharma and his staff at New Life Bariatric have given me a new lease on life. He was kind and professional. I'm very pleased with my seamless gastric sleeve surgery performed expertly by Dr. Sharma. I can now look to a more healthy, positive future when it was once severely curtailed! I urge anyone considering bariatric surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sharma for your new life!
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller
Dr. Sharma is an amazing surgeon with excellent bed side manners. I had sleeve gastrectomy surgery performed 5 years ago.My weight loss journey has been absolutely amazing and has completely changed my life. My diabetes was cured right after surgery and I am still able to keep my weight off by 100 pounds. I feel so much better going out and spending time with my family and friends. I highly recommend Dr. Sharma and his team.
Meagan C.
Meagan C.
Dr. Sharma and his PA, Ashley, are both very professional and pleasant! Ashley has been performing my laser hair removal treatments and makes me feel comfortable every time! I am amazed that I started to see results after just one treatment! I cannot wait to go back for the vampire facial next month!
Debbie Palmer
Debbie Palmer
I had the lap band with a previous doctor and he went out of business a year later. I had lost 50 pounds, but after he left and I wasn't accountable and the weight came back on. 4 years later I made the decision to reach out to Dr. Sharma. He's worked with me through hernia surgery and putting my band back in place since it had moved with gaining the weight back. I lost some, but it was very back and forth for a few years. We made the decision to do the duodenal switch. Best decision ever. I don't feel like things are getting"stopped up" like it was with the band. I feel full easier. Some tastes have changed for the better. For instance my craving for sugary things have almost gone away. In three months I have lost 30 pounds. Still a long way to go, but feeling better and exercising more. I've come to understand the need to take those multivitamins. Looking forward to continuing this journey.
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Real Patient’s – Real Results

successfully operated 4500+ patients

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We strive to bring a

better version of you.

Dr. Sunil Sharma has an impeccable track record for safety and success with over 20 years experience. The team at New Life Surgical Associates Jacksonville Florida, USA is the pioneers of Robotic and Bariatric Surgery. Our innovative techniques in minimal invasive surgery has helped thousands of patients recover faster with great outcomes and minimal pain.

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When it comes to your health…

Experience matters

Proactive Centre for Minimally Invasive Weight Loss Surgery.

Welcome to New Life Surgical Associates, The Best Obesity Surgery Center Jacksonville, Florida USA

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+ Years of Experience

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+ Procedures Done

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+ Happy Patients

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Affordable Costs and Payment Options

Gastric Sleeve Surgery can range from $14,000 up to over $20,000 in the United States. New Life Jax Obesity Surgery Center USA strives to offer the most affordable weight loss surgery without sacrificing patient care, outcomes, and support. As the leading bariatric surgery centre. We are with you at every step of your treatment, from initial contact, destination support to aftercare support. We provide the care that you won’t get anywhere.

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