Obesity is one of the highest health issues that often leads to more severe diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea.  Many people have looked to weight-loss surgeries as a cure  While the majority of bariatric surgeries are successful, some patients did not experience the expected results.  New Life Surgical Associates offers Self Pay Conversion Weight Loss Surgery as a popular cost-effective alternative.

After meeting with Dr Sharma on your initial consultation, and based upon your situation, he may recommend a revision or conversion if your bariatric surgery. Through the Self Pay Conversion Weight Loss procedure, it can retain and modify your original procedure, while a conversion replaces an unsatisfactory procedure with a different one. Often both can be performed laparoscopically, or minimally invasively. 

In the 70s, 80s, and early 90s, gastric stapling procedures were performed for weight loss. These procedures had high failure rates and complications requiring patients to have revision surgery to convert them to gastric bypass procedures.  After gastric bypass, patients may lose between 75-80% of their excess weight in the first 18 months. It is expected to gain 10-15% back after the second year, but if the patient starts to gain more than 25% of their lost weight and continues to gain weight, then it is assumed that the initial surgery was not successful.  Some patients may gain more than 25% of their weight loss after sleeve gastrectomy due to dilation of the gastric sleeve. This requires surgical revision to allow them to start losing weight. Some gastric sleeve patients may also develop severe reflux that doesn’t respond to medical management. This requires conversion to gastric bypass to avoid the complication of reflux.

As mentioned above, some early weight-loss surgeries proved unsatisfactory or caused complications. This includes, but is not limited to, stapling, jejunoileal bypass and loop gastric bypass. You also could experience problems with more recent procedures if your organs stretch, a blockage forms or a band slips.  New Life Surgical Associates specialize in the conversion of previous weight-loss surgeries. 

There are many benefits for choosing the Self Pay Conversion Weight-loss surgery. The most important benefit is it improves your health and quality of life,  It reduces your chance for future medical health issues and complications.  It is a lower cost option for weight loss surgery correction. Last, it reduces the wait time to start your new health journey.

The New Life Surgical Associates is offering a discount on Self Pay Conversion Weight Loss Surgery for patients paying out-of-pocket who do not have bariatric surgery insurance coverage.  There is an initial pre-screening process. The package includes everything for a successful conversion.

Self Pay Conversion Weight Loss Surgery: $10,000 to $15,000

These prices include:

  • Anaesthesia
  • Dietary support
  • Hospital/surgeon fees
  • Infusion treatments after surgery, if needed
  • Initial nutritional evaluations
  • Initial psychological evaluations
  • Insurance for complication-related medical expenses
  • Postoperative follow-up visits for 1 year after surgery
  • Routine pre- and postoperative tests related to surgery
  • Weigh-ins

Dr. Sharma is a leading board-certified physician who has performed thousands of bariatric surgeries.  HIs surgical team consists of certified nurses, a board certified anesthesiologist and a board certified psychologist.  Patients can expect to be treated with dignity and compassion, visits to a clean and welcoming facility with state of the art medical equipment in a patient-friendly private medical center. During the initial consultation, Dr. Sharma will provide the benefits of the Self Pay Conversion Weight Loss procedure and together you will determine if this is the best option for you.

New Life Surgical Associates offers the best Self Pay Conversion Weight Loss comprehensive program and affordable package in Florida. Visit New Life Surgical Associates’ website or call the office at (904) 399-4004 to make your appointment today.  Your New Health Journey Begins Here!