A message from Sunil K. Sharma, MD, Director of New Life Surgical Associates:

Have fad diets failed you?  Are you fed up with counting calories and eliminating food groups from your diet only to plateau after a month?  For millions of people, this is a real struggle to lose weight.  However, if you are the 1 in 13 adults that struggle with extreme overweight, or obesity, dieting may not be enough.  At New Life Surgical Associates, located in Jacksonville, Florida, I offer hope for those people who suffer from extreme obesity.

There are many factors that lead to obesity, such as genetics, eating habits, by-products of medications, sedentary habits (prolonged sitting in front of a TV, computer), and sleeping habits.  Obesity, if not treated, can lead to other medical complications, such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiac disease, joint issues, and many other health issues.  Aside from the medical issues, it can also affect the quality of life for an individual.  While surgery should never be your first option to weight loss, for some it is the only solution.

At New Life Surgical Associates, I offer affordable solutions for people who suffer from obesity and who have tried everything to lose weight.  As the founder and director of New Life Surgical Associates, I understand the decision to have surgery is not one taken lightly.  I spent my career studying and performing non-surgical and surgical procedures to improve the quality of life for hundreds of people.  I am recognized nationally and internationally for my knowledge in bariatric surgeries.  Patients receive a comprehensive review of their health habits and together we develop a weight-loss plan that will result in life-long success.

New Life Surgical Associates offers a warm and inviting state of the art medical center, which focuses on providing you with a one-of-kind experience.  I invite you to take the first step towards a new healthier lifestyle that will not only change your quality of life, but provide you with hope and a future.


Sunil K. Sharma, MD

Founder and Director, New Life Surgical Associates